(interim) Meetup Venue!

For years we have met at the Wig and Pen – it’s quiet, cool, clean, has a good selection of beverages, easy to find, and big enough for a few of us or dozens of us to show up without needing to RSVP every time. (Also, the staff don’t get mad if not everyone is buying drinks every time!)

But for better or worse, the Wig and Pen is moving to its new venue at ANU’s Llewellyn Hall. They’ve closed their doors, and construction (of the bar and the microbrewery) is in progress – updates will be on their Facebook page when a firm timeline is available.

So where do displaced comic fans go when their pub closes? More specifically, where do we go that ticks all the boxes?

The first month we realised that we were without venue, there were four of us who trudged up and down, trying to find somewhere for a beer, a cup of tea, a drink of water. Nothing nearby was open. Ben suggested hotel hotel, and at 3pm, we were lucky enough to get a table for four in the popular (crowded) Monster.

We planned to go back the following month – and we did – but no tables were available, and we couldn’t even tell the waitstaff how many people we would need to seat. So we walked down the steps to the almost completely empty Max Brenner.

The airconditioning was on, the ice-cream was cold, and there was plenty of room to spread out and catch up.

Is it an ideal spot for drink-and-draws? Perhaps, perhaps not. But rather than change venues every month, we’re going to hunker down and wait out the time until the new Grand (re-)Opening of the Wig and Pen.

After all, they previously (boldly) estimated it would only take a few weeks

Max Brenner New Action – Nishi is located across from the Palace Electric Cinemas, and downstairs from Monster. There lots of parking options nearby, or New Acton is a short walk from city bus stops.


Exposure – a preview

With only 12 hours to go until OtakuFest ACT, let me tell you a bit about ACT Comic Meet’s most recent project…

Earlier this year, ACT Comic Meet published a group anthology about ‘Exposure’.

You know – we’ve all been offered creative work, and when the subject of payment is raised we are assured that it is an opportunity of a lifetime and they won’t offend us by offering us mere money. The exposure this gig will generate will be more than enough to compensate us for hours (sometimes weeks or months) of our time. And maybe this is true! (And… maybe it is not.)

The comic anthology has been out for a little while, and I haven’t put any previews up online… until now. Here is EmmJ’s two-page story in full.


There are eleven more stories in the anthology, and there is a beautiful cover by the amazingly talented Katie Winchester, and it is available for $4 – tomorrow at Otakufest, or online at our etsy store.


We will have a table in Artists Alley at OtakuFest, a free, outdoor con in Civic (Canberra city centre)!

Some details from Impact Comic’s website:

OtakuFest is Canberra’s (Australia’s?) favourite outdoor, free entry, all welcome cosplay event.

OtakuFest is really simple, head down to Garema Place in costume, meet some friends and maybe win some some sweet prizes supplied by MADMAN or grab some manga or anime on sale at IMPACT!

2014 is IMPACT COMICS’ 10th birthday so we thought we’d make OtakuFest even bigger!

OtakuFest 2014 is going to run from 10am -4pm on Saturday 15th of November, 2014 in Garema Place, Canberra City.

We’re also going to be doing free character sketches for well-behaved kids (and offering paid commissions/con sketches for well-behaved adults).

Want to get involved? Want to help staff the table on the day? Want to sell your work on the table*? Contact EmmJ at actcomicmeet@gmail.com

* We have some (limited) space on the table for people who are/have been involved in ACT Comic Meet anthologies and projects, and for Meetup attendees. If this is not you, you may still be able to book your own table on the Impact Comics website.



We can’t get to OzComicCon this weekend, so we’ve got a coupon for free (domestic and international) shipping from our etsy store.

Use the code: AWWSHIP until 15 September 2014 on any of the comics, anthologies or artbooks in the store.

If you ask super nicely in the comments, we’ll add a sketch – just like a real con (but you don’t have to leave the house or even wear pants)!

We Are ZineSTAR

Tomorrow, from 11am-3pm we are all Zine Stars!

On the ACT Comic Meet table, we will be unveiling our new banners (unless they are deemed too risque for public viewing), AND we will have copies of comics and zines including the following:

Bob (Gavin Thomson – digital here)
Burnard the Lonely Bunyip (Gavin Thomson)
Café (Alice Farquharson)
Cosmic Corsairs (Matt Bayliss)
The Day I Destroyed the World (anthology)
Eternal Life vol 1 (Karen Beilharz and Paul Wong-Pan – digital here)
Exposure (anthology)
Exposure teaser (mini anthology)
Frankie Holliday (Nic Lawson)
Hunger (EmmJ)
I Am (EmmJ)
Invitation (EmmJ)
Kinds of Blue (anthology – digital here)
Lesser Evil (set) (Shane W Smith)
Liedekijn (sequential exhibition art book – collaboration)
Rosa Goes for a Walk (Nic Lawson)
Sunset (EmmJ)
Super Drac (Nic Lawson)
Taking Flight (Imy Affleck)
Unbroken Poetry (Jack Crash)

See you there?

(There are rumours of catching up with out-of-towners (and locals) for coffee/beer/ice cream afterwards… stay tuned to our twitter as updates unfold!)

ZineSTAR – zine fair and exhibition

On 23 August, from 11am-3pm, we will have a table at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre zine fair!

EmmJ and Alice will be running the table, but if you want to drop by and help out on the day or with the pack up, let us know.
If you can’t make it on the day (particularly if you have contributed to ACT Comic Meet group projects!), but want to drop off some of your books on the group’s table, send us an email and we’ll make arrangements.

Otherwise, I believe the Canberra Zine Emporium are still taking table bookings.
The tables are FREE, and are not limited to zines or small press comics – I understand indie/small press musicians and other indie and small-press publishers are also going to be represented.


In any case, come by and check out the fair, and the exhibition – Benjamin Craddock is exhibiting along with some other fine ziney folk!


In other news, our Etsy store has been updated – copies of The Day I Destroyed the World, Liedekijn and (of course) Exposure are now up there. If you order through the site and you want to pick up from the Zine Fair, select ‘Holy See’ as your shipping country and email act.comic.meet@gmail.com to let me know you’ll collect your order at the fair!

Lineup and Cover

I picked Exposure Anthology up from the printers, so I can now reveal the cover and the lineup!image

This book is now up on our Etsy store, and we’ll have a stack at ComicGong this weekend.

(There are tentative plans to have a fancy launch – let us know if you’d be interested in coming!)

The cover (which I nicknamed the ‘Vitruvian Life Model’) is by Katie Winchester.