About ACT Comic Meet

The ACT Comic Meet is a Canberra-based community of comics creators. We enjoy reading and making comics, and there are opportunities to meet and draw or chat about comics every month.

Our members are very active in the local comics community and many – in addition to their own comics work – have contributed to a number of the Meet’s publications to date:

Exposure (2014)

Liedekijn Artbook (2013)

The Day I Destroyed The World (2013)

The Beginnings Anthology (2012 – out of print)


Join us!
We meet up to chat about comics we’re making, comics we’re reading, sketch, hang out, and work on projects.

First Sunday afternoon of each month at the Guild board game cafe at 2pm.

Check our twitter feed or facebook page for details or if you have questions!
More details can be found on the Meet’s Facebook page.



  1. Hi, my daughter is 13 and would like to learn anime drawing, we live in Canberra. Would your meetings help? Thanks.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Probably not, to be honest.
      However, there are sometimes workshops held in libraries and community centres – I strongly recommend heading up to Wollongong for ComicGong as they have lots of art/comics focused activities.
      Good luck!

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