We Are ZineSTAR

Tomorrow, from 11am-3pm we are all Zine Stars!

On the ACT Comic Meet table, we will be unveiling our new banners (unless they are deemed too risque for public viewing), AND we will have copies of comics and zines including the following:

Bob (Gavin Thomson – digital here)
Burnard the Lonely Bunyip (Gavin Thomson)
Café (Alice Farquharson)
Cosmic Corsairs (Matt Bayliss)
The Day I Destroyed the World (anthology)
Eternal Life vol 1 (Karen Beilharz and Paul Wong-Pan – digital here)
Exposure (anthology)
Exposure teaser (mini anthology)
Frankie Holliday (Nic Lawson)
Hunger (EmmJ)
I Am (EmmJ)
Invitation (EmmJ)
Kinds of Blue (anthology – digital here)
Lesser Evil (set) (Shane W Smith)
Liedekijn (sequential exhibition art book – collaboration)
Rosa Goes for a Walk (Nic Lawson)
Sunset (EmmJ)
Super Drac (Nic Lawson)
Taking Flight (Imy Affleck)
Unbroken Poetry (Jack Crash)

See you there?

(There are rumours of catching up with out-of-towners (and locals) for coffee/beer/ice cream afterwards… stay tuned to our twitter as updates unfold!)


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