The topic


The topic came about after a discussion about being asked to work for free, with “exposure” as the only payment*.

We decided that because the word has such a broad scope, it would be a great theme for our next anthology – and here we are!

As a suggestion, you might decide to approach the term ‘exposure’ in terms of:

  • Revealing something (the truth, something hidden, something suspected but not known)
  • Magic (the technical term for showing non-magicians how to perform the trick)
  • Indecent Exposure (though, we are aiming for a PG rating!)
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Exposure as infanticide (Oedipus, anyone?)
  • Legal meanings (look it up!)
  • Photography
  • Exposure therapy (for phobias)
  • Gambling
  • An anecdote – good or bad – about an opportunity to work for exposure that you were offered
  • or any other play on the word exposure

The exposure must be a plot point, theme or in some other way a significant part of the story – it shouldn’t be a word or image added into the background as a nod to the theme.

If you’re at all concerned, drop us a line at and the editors will discuss and let you know.

If you want to discuss your idea with us over a beverage, come along to a meetup!

* I believe we concluded that this offer is more genuine when the person making the offer isn’t paying themselves but not their creative team; and when the person making the offer has a market or following broader than the artist’s own following. What do you think?


One comment

  1. Tiny essay, commence!…

    I think as an emerging artist, your hopes are dashed enough times to form the solid callous of a true cynical socially-commentating artÍST (french accent please). If this is your goal, most excellent luck.

    But, for the rest of you who want to keep your bunny-soft souls intact, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to develop a very sharp eye very quickly. Pick out the ‘exposure’ opportunities that aren’t a waste of time, and which are plain exploitative.

    I’m a big fan of competitions and shows that offer prize money or other incentives, not just a vague promise of eyes looking at you. Competitions tend to have more eyes anyway, and it’s how I met my first genuine clients. (I say genuine because I liked them, they weren’t batshit crazy, they treated me with respect and paid well. The little things, y’know.)

    If you must enter a paid-in-ogling arrangement, make sure it’s a topic/style you love and links directly to the type of career you want. You’ll always regret working on something boring that you’re not even paid for.

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